Technical Reports

Laboratory Testing on Three Alternative Track Structures

  • 01
  • Sep
  • 1985
AUTHOR: John Choros
SUBJECT: Tracks & Structures
KEYWORDS: Gage Widening, Lateral Track Resistance, Vertical Track Modulus
ABSTRACT: Laboratory track strength characterization tests on three different track structures were conducted. The objectives of these tests were to determine the structural characteristics of each track structure, under various loadings and levels of consolidation, and to compare the findings with the conventional track structure commonly used in the railroad industry. The types of track structures tested were conventional track, wood tie track with elastic fasteners, and concrete tie track. The basic characteristics studied under this program were vertical track modulus, lateral track resistance, and gage widening. The results indicated that the concrete tie track has the highest vertical modulus, followed by the wood tie with elastic fasteners, and then the conventional track.
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