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Characterization of Residual Stress and Texture in Cast Steel Railroad Wheels

  • 01
  • Jul
  • 1987
AUTHOR: A. V. Clark Jr., H. Fukuoka, D. V. Mitrakovic, J. C. Moulder
SUBJECT: Railroad System Oversight
KEYWORDS: Electromagnetic-Acoustic Transducer, Shear-Horizonal Waves, Birefringence
ABSTRACT: Residual stress and texture were characterized in the rim of a cast steel railroad wheel, using both an electromagnetic-acoustic transducer (EMAT) and a piezoelectric transducer. Orthogonally polarized shear-horizontal waves were propagated through the thickness of the rim, and arrival times measured (in pulse-echo) with a precision of about 10“5. The difference in arrival times (birefringence) is related to the difference of principal stresses and also to texture. The wheel had been sawcut in a previous experiment; the residual stress had been relieved at the sawcut. The birefringence was measured at the sawcut and subtracted from the birefringence measured at stressed regions. This allowed us to map out variations in stress around the circumference of the wheel. Stresses measured with the EMAT and piezoelectric transducer agreed to within 10 MPa.