Technical Reports

High Performance, High Cube Covered Hopper Car Program, Transit America's HI CUBE 2000 Car Dynamic Performance Tests, Summary Report

  • 05
  • Aug
  • 1987
AUTHOR: Satya Pal Singh, John T. Dincher, Swamidas K. Punwani
SUBJECT: Facilities & Test Equipment
KEYWORDS: Derailment-Stability, Curving, Hunting, Wheel Load, Articulation, Suspension, Bounce, Rocking
ABSTRACT: As part of the co-operative Track-Train Dynamics High Performance, High Cube Covered Hopper Program, Transit America provided a prototype car - the HI CUBE 2000 for dynamic performance tests under the program's performance guidelines. This new design car was tested to evaluate its dynamic performance. This evaluation included operation in all significant dynamic performance regimes; namely, rock-and-roll, bounce, hunting, and curving. This report describes the test results in each of these performance regimes. Also, the selected test results for the HI CUBE 2000 are used to compare the dynamic performance with that of a base car - a 4750 cubic feet, 100 ton, conventional covered hopper car.
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