Technical Reports

Inductive Interference in Rapid Transit Signaling Systems, Volume II: Suggested Test Procedures

  • 01
  • Mar
  • 1987
AUTHOR: Transportation Systems Center, DOT
SUBJECT: Signal and Train Control
KEYWORDS: Inductive EMI, Rail System EMI, EMI Measurements
ABSTRACT: Methods for detecting and quantifying the levels of inductive electromagnetic interference produced by solid state rapid transit propulsion equipment and for determining the susceptibility of signaling systems to these emissions are presented. These methods include procedures for taking measurements in the field, in the laboratory and on track circuits. As background, the mechanisms of inductive electromagnetic interference are described, as are audio-frequency track circuits and solid-state propulsion control. Recording and documentation procedures for applying these suggested test procedures are provided. Appendix A contains definitions of terms and systems of units. Appendix B contains sample outputs of tests using inductive recommended practices.