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Freight Train Speed Control on the Northeast Corridor: Final Report

  • 01
  • Jan
  • 1988
AUTHOR: Milton R. Johnson; IIT Research Institute
SUBJECT: Braking Systems
KEYWORDS: Freight Train Braking, Automatic Train Control, ATC, Modelling
ABSTRACT: This report presents results from an analytic study of the transient draft and buff forces which can be developed during the braking of long freight trains. A wide variety of braking conditions were considered. The work was conducted to provide guidance in the establishment of optimum Automatic Train Control (ATC) procedures for freight trains operating on the Northeast Corridor. The analysis of the transient draft and buff forces was made using advanced train operations models which have been developed for the Research and Locomotive Evaluator/Simulator (RALES) which is located at IIT Research Institute (IITRI) in Chicago. Ninety-one analytical simulations of freight train braking were conducted. Sixty-seven of the simulations were made assuming straight and level track. Twenty-four of the simulations were conducted at specific locations on the Northeast Corridor. Four different train consists were considered.