Technical Reports

Cant Deficiency Test Safety Monitoring Using Accelerometer Measurements

  • 01
  • Aug
  • 1989
AUTHOR: Patrick Boyd
SUBJECT: Safety Performance Measures
KEYWORDS: Derailment Safety, Wheel Forces, Lateral Acceleration, Instrumented Wheels
ABSTRACT: The FRA has performed high cant deficiency curving tests on several passenger trains using instrumented wheels to measure wheel forces for comparison to derailment safety criteria. Data from these tests show that the vehicle overturning safety criterion which prevents wheel lift is the most restrictive for passenger vehicles operating on strong track. The measurement of side to side vertical load transfer was used to quantify overturning hazard. This paper describes a way of using accelerometer measurements to estimate transient vertical load transfer. It is useful for monitoring curving safety when the cost of instrumented wheels is not justified, "its application to conventional and tilt coaches tested for high cant deficiency ride quality by Amtrak/COIIEG is described.