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An Evaluation of Hazmat Double Stack COFC Configurations

  • 31
  • Aug
  • 1990
AUTHOR: George Kachadourian
SUBJECT: Freight Operations, Hazardous Materials
KEYWORDS: Container on Flatcar, Stability, Rock-and-Roll, Slack Action, Impacts
ABSTRACT: [From the Introduction] The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) is responsible for ensuring the safe transport of hazardous material by rail. The Office of Safety requested the Office of Research and Development to conduct a study on the use of double stack containers carrying hazardous materials. Previous research was conducted on container on flatcar (COFC) service for tank containers and portable tanks in single stack. Double stack service was prohibited due to the flat cars not having end-of-car cushioning. A shipper has recently conducted tests with double stack containers and claim they are safe in normal rail transit. Data from these tests were presented to the FRA to substantiate the claim. As a part of the studies being conducted, the Office of Research and Development issued a Purchase Order Contract to George Kachadourian Engineering Services to perform an analytic study of the feasibility of allowing tank containers and portable tank containers to be in double stack COFC service for the transportation of hazardous material by rail.