Technical Reports

Heavy Axle Load Track Gage Widening Tests by Using the Track Loading Vehicle

  • 01
  • Oct
  • 1994
AUTHOR: Satya P. Singh, Anne B. Hazell, Semih F. Kalay
SUBJECT: Facilities & Test Equipment
KEYWORDS: Hard/Softwood Ties, Concrete Ties, Azobe Ties, Cut Spikes, Elastic Spikes, Pandrol, Safelock, Fasteners, L/V Ratio, Revenue, Track Compliance
ABSTRACT: The TLV was used to conducted a series of static and dynamic gage widening tests. The tests were conducted over the High-Tonnage Loop at the AAR's Facility for Accelerated Service Testing (FAST) in Pueblo, Colorado. The gage widening under the 39-ton axle load was compared with that under the 33-ton axle load. For the same L/V ratio, an increase in the average dynamic gage occurred when the axle load was changed from 33 to 39 tons. However, under a constant gage widening load, the gage widening decreased under the 39 ton axle load. The Pandrol and Safelock fasteners, on domestic hard/softwood ties, provided superior gage widening strength than the cut spikes on similar ties. A characteristic difference in the cut spike gage widening strength on ties of various wood species was not obvious except on the Azobe ties. The cut spikes on Azobe ties provided distinctly better gage widening strength. In spite of the greater hardness of wood in the Azobe ties, a significant difference between the performances of elastic fasteners on domestic hard/softwood ties and the Azobe ties was not obvious. The data on concrete ties, elastic fasteners on wood ties of all species, and cut spikes on the Azobe ties indicated that track compliance decreased with the increase in gage widening load. This implied that the gage widening strength progressively increased under higher gage widening loads.
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