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Interim Report on Magnetic Field Testing of TR07 Maglev Vehicle and System, Conducted August 1990

  • 01
  • Aug
  • 1991
AUTHOR: Electric Research and Management, Inc.
KEYWORDS: Environment Impact, Health Impact, Railroad Technology
ABSTRACT: As part of the United States National Maglev Initiative, the Departments of Transportation and Energy and the Army Corps of Engineers are working together to evaluate and clarify the role of Magnetically Levitated Ground Transportation Systems in the nation's transportation future. Among the technical issues being addressed in the ongoing initiative is an assessment of the environmental and health aspects of Maglev vehicle technology. As part of that analysis, the participants in the initiative have funded a set of measurements by Electric Research and Management, Inc. (ERM) to quantify and characterize the magnetic field environment within and in the vicinity of the Transrapid TR07 Maglev vehicle operating on the Emsland, FRG Transrapid Test Facility.
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