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Safety of High Speed Magnetic Levitation Transportation Systems: Preliminary Safety Review of the Transrapid Maglev System

  • 01
  • Apr
  • 1991
AUTHOR: Federal Railroad Administration
KEYWORDS: Safety Evaluation, TR-07, Risk Assessment
ABSTRACT: [From the Introduction] This Executive Summary of the first interim report, Safety of High Speed Magnetic Levitation Transportation Systems, presents a preliminary safety review of the Transrapid Maglev System intended for use in Orlando, Florida and between Anaheim, California and Las Vegas, Nevada. The study was conducted as a peer review of the work of others to identify safety issues presumed to exist at the time of this review and the hazards which can lead to them. It includes reviews of relevant Federal regulations and industry practices in the U.S. and compares them to proposed foreign standards to be met by the Transrapid system in its application in the Federal Republic of Germany. Current U.S. and proposed foreign standards are compared for similarities, differences, appropriateness, applicability and omissions with respect to the maglev transportation system technologies involved. Modifications to existing regulations, standards from rail and other industries that may be adopted and recommendations for new regulatory efforts based on the study "findingsā€ address safety issues identified up to this point.
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