Technical Reports

Wheel/Truck Tolerance Experiment at FAST

  • 01
  • May
  • 1991
AUTHOR: John Leary
SUBJECT: Facilities & Test Equipment
KEYWORDS: Wheel Wear, Axle Misalignment, Wheel Profile, Instrumented Wheel Sets, Wheel/Rail Forces, Truck Design, Rolling Resistance, Rail Temperature, Steady State Curing Analysis, Facility for Accelerated Service Testing
ABSTRACT: The test program described in this report covers the investigation of the performance of trucks in freight cars influenced by various mechanical factors. The primary issue was the effect of axle misalignment on the behavior of three-piece trucks. Secondary tests were carried out to investigate the influence of wheel profile on wheel wear and truck design on wheel/rail forces. The testing was completed in four separate phases: (1) wheel wear testing, (2) instrumented wheel set testing to study wheel/rail forces, (3) single car and full train rolling resistance testing, and (4) steady state curving model predictions of wheel/rail forces. The intention was to derive basic relationships between the magnitude of axle misalignment and wear, wheel/rail forces, and rolling resistance. By developing a unified understanding of these factors, the implications regarding operating costs the railroads realize in terms of wheel and rail wear and fuel consumption can be appreciated. The culmination of this work represents a tabulation of results which may assist railroad operating personnel and railroad researchers in understanding some of the basic performance parameters which influence the performance of freight car trucks.
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