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A Comparison of U.S. and Foreign Safety Regulations for Potential Application to Maglev Systems

  • 01
  • Oct
  • 1992
AUTHOR: Arthur D. Little, Inc.
KEYWORDS: Germany, Safety Assessment, Rail Vehicle, Operating System, Railroad Technology
ABSTRACT: Under current legislation, the FRA has the responsibility for safety assurance of any maglev or high-speed rail system operated in public service in the United States. As part of its work to exercise this responsibility, the FRA, supported by Volpe National Transportation Systems Center (VNTSC), is conducting a series of studies to identify and evaluate appropriate regulations, standards, and guidelines governing the construction, operation, and maintenance of high-speed ground transportation systems, including magnetic levitation (maglev) systems. These may be existing domestic U.S. regulations, standards or guidelines or foreign equivalents considered suitable for application in the U.S. operating environment. Where no suitable regulation exists, the FRA may consider the introduction of new regulations or guidelines. This report presents the results of a systematic review of the safety requirements selected for maglev systems in Germany, to determine their applicability and completeness with respect to the construction and operation of maglev systems in the United States.
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