Technical Reports

Advanced Low-Cost, High-Performance Guideway Concepts

  • 01
  • May
  • 1992
AUTHOR: S. Kokkins, G. Samavedam
KEYWORDS: Elevated Guideway, High Strength Concrete, Non Metallic Post-Tensioning, Cost Analysis
ABSTRACT: This report presents the results of a program to develop a high-performance, low -cost guideway configuration to meet the requirements of a United States Maglev system. This work initially involved research to identify and quantify the guideway design requirements specific to such a U.S. system. Based on the defined requirements and the general configuration options identified by this research, four alternative guideway concepts were developed which are primarily applicable to electrodynamic systems. From the results of previous research in this area, a U-section guideway was chosen for the general configuration. The design options and enhancements developed by Foster-Miller, which include open floor, nonmetallic post-tensioning, and high strength, polypropelene reinforced concrete, further supported this selection. Extensive dynamic analyses were conducted to design and size each of the four candidate configurations. Further analyses evaluated the effects of span length and supporting pylon attachment with respect to both static and dynamic loading. Design and analyses of pylon and footing structures were also conducted. Fabrication and erection procedures were identified. A cost analysis was developed which included all aspects of the guideway structure. This cost analysis and all other design aspects were included a tradeoff analysis which identified a dual cell, integral sidewall U-section with a partially open floor and alternating continuous span construction as the most favorable concept. Detail design is presented and recommendations are made for further development. A second volume of this report, entitled "Design Calculations for Prestressed Guideway Beams (Girder Elements)" contains the supporting data and calculations in tabular form.
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