Technical Reports

Analytical Formulation and Computer Codes for Parametric Studies of a Maglev Transportation System

  • 01
  • Jul
  • 1992
AUTHOR: F. C. Yang
KEYWORDS: High Speed Ground Transportation, Linear Induction Motor, Linear Synchronous Motor, Electromagnetic Suspension, Electrodynamic Suspension, Magnetic Field Shielding
ABSTRACT: This report presents an analytical formulation and a description of its attendant computer codes for parametric studies of suspension and propulsion subsystems in a magnetically levitated vehicle (MAGLEV) transportation system. The analytical formulation involves the use of Fourier transforms and Maxwell's equations in solving a boundary-value problem (the formulation is given in Section 2, a reader who is not familiar with those topics may want to skip the section). The computer codes are versatile in that many design alternatives can be analyzed by simply changing some parameter values. Two specific design alternatives are studied using the computer codes. One is a combined propulsion and suspension subsystem using a linear induction motor (LIM). Another is a combined suspension subsystem using both permanent magnets and electromagnets. With minor modifications, the analysis and the computer codes can be utilized for design studies of magnetic field shielding. Some specific passive and active shielding examples are also given.
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