Technical Reports

Comparison of Major Parameters in Electrodynamic and Electromagnetic Levitation Transport Systems

  • 01
  • Sep
  • 1992
AUTHOR: W. S. Brown, C. R. Dauwalter, F. Heger, M S. Weinberg
SUBJECT: Maglev, Motive Power and Equipment
KEYWORDS: Suspensions, High Speed Ground Transportation, Magnetic Levitation, Linear Induction Motors, Linear Synchronous Motors, Ride Comfort
ABSTRACT: This study compiles quantitative design information that can be used in selecting a high-speed magnetic levitation system. Analytic models were developed for three configurations of electromagnetic (EMS) and three electrodynamie (EDS) systems, and for linear induction and synchronous motors. The models permit comparisons based on consistent assumptions. The following results indicate that the hoped-for advantages of EDS are difficult to realize: 1) all of the systems studied require smooth guideways to achieve acceptable ride quality unless active control techniques are developed; 2) the estimated weight of the superconducting magnets for the EDS systems is surprisingly large and comparable to the weight of the EMS onboard electromagnets; and 3) real power consumption in sheet guideway null flux EDS is similar to EMS when practical configurations and end effects are considered.
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