Technical Reports

Evaluation of Concepts for Safe Speed Enforcement

  • 01
  • Apr
  • 1992
AUTHOR: J. F. Luedeke, R. E. Thompson
KEYWORDS: Safety Analysis, Safety Performance, Maglev Control System
ABSTRACT: This final report evaluates the suitability of existing and developmental safe speed enforcement concepts/systems for application to a high-speed maglev control system in the U.S.. Requirements, functions and needs are identified and discussed for two major aspects of safe speed enforcement: 1) generation of safe speed commands, and 2) enforcement of safe speed limits as defined by those commands or otherwise imposed upon vehicles. The features, functions and general implementations of selected safe speed concepts utilized in maglev, high-speed rail and conventional rail transit systems, rubber-tired transit systems, and railroad systems are described. Emphasis in the descriptions is given to the general concept used to ensure safe speed and more specific aspects such as vehicle location detection, actual speed detection, safety related communications and implementation/configuration. An assessment is then made as to the suitability of the concepts in meeting the requirements and functions of safe speed enforcement in both long and short stator maglev applications It is shown that while many of the non-maglev existing safe speed enforcement concepts are not directly applicable "as is" or with minimal modifications, they do incorporate various aspects and equipment which could fulfill the basic needs of a maglev system relative to safe speed enforcement.