Technical Reports

Interactions Between Magnetically Levitated Vehicles and Elevated Guideway Structures

  • 01
  • Jul
  • 1992
AUTHOR: D. N. Wormley, R. D. Thornton, S. H. Yu, S. Cheng
KEYWORDS: Vehicle/Guideway Interactions, Ride Quality, Vehicle Performance
ABSTRACT: The dynamic performance characteristics of magnetically levitated vehicles and vehicle trains relating to ride quality and magnetic gap variations have been determined using computer simulation models for one-dimensional, two-dimensional and finite length vehicles. These performance characteristics are based on vertical plane motions of vehicles with linear suspension systems which represent a number of the characteristics of both electrodynamic system (EDS) and electromagnetic system (EMS) configurations. Vehicles traversing guideways which are characterized by random roughness, by discrete guideway disturbances which occur due to the construction of elevated structures and by flexible guideway motions are considered. The studies of vehicle performance have identified the levels of guideway disturbances and/or flexibility which can be accommodated by various suspension configurations while meeting ride quality and magnetic gap variation constraints.