Technical Reports

Low Cost Guideways for Maglev

  • 01
  • Oct
  • 1992
AUTHOR: R. S. Phelan, R. D. Thornton, J. J. Connor, T. Triantafillou
KEYWORDS: Reinforced Concrete Design, Structural Design, Dynamic Beam Analysis, Fiber Reinforced Plastic, Spreadsheet Analysis Program, Magnetic Field Calculation
ABSTRACT: This report presents results of research aimed at developing structural requirements for a guideway to be used for maglev systems. The work progresses from initial conceptual design to refined structural and cost analyses. The design begins by identifying structural requirements including criteria for geometry, loads deflections, durability, toughness, fatigue and magnetic inertness. Proposed construction methods are analyzed to determine the impact that the choice of method has on both the cost and structural design of the guideway. A conceptual design follows in which the candidate cross sectional shapes and materials are compared. Results of these comparisons are then used for the optimal preliminary analysis and design. This analysis and design process, based on American Concrete Institute design procedures, is incorporated into a spreadsheet analysis program. This spreadsheet program is then used to determine preliminary design specifications and cost estimates. Sensitivity analyses are also carried out to determine optimal design specifications. A refined analysis is conducted focusing on how the dynamic behavior of the beam effects the preliminary design choices. A cost comparison is made based on the results of the refined analysis. Additional work includes discussions of automated control and magnetic forces on metallic components of guideways. Also, hybrid reinforced concrete beams reinforced with fiber reinforced plastic, (FRP), rods were cast and tested to address the possibilities of using FRP rods in maglev guideways. Results of these tests are presented.
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