Technical Reports

Maglev Guideway and Route Integrity Requirements - Comprehensive Report

  • 01
  • Apr
  • 1992
AUTHOR: S. Carlton, R. Whinnery
KEYWORDS: Safety, Risks, Hazard Mitigation
ABSTRACT: New modes of travel imply new hazards and increased risk from old hazards. Lightweight magnetic levitation (maglev) vehicles, operated at high speed, may be subject to increased collision consequences, compared to conventional rail. This suggests examination of sensor systems and automation. This final reports summarizes potential safety risks in proposed high-speed maglev transportation systems, examines the prospect for sensor-based mitigation of these risks, and describes a communications architecture to integrate sensor data for control actions. The identified hazards, and their associated risk assessments, are useful for risk mitigation strategy definition and will support analyses during the early phases of system development. The information provided will also support the development of system safety requirements and performance and design specifications. This report is a summary of three interim reports.