Technical Reports

Maglev Program Test Plan: Final Report

  • 01
  • Jul
  • 1992
AUTHOR: Federal Railroad Administration
KEYWORDS: Literature Review, Risk Assessment, Risk Mitigation, Program Evaluation
ABSTRACT: The fundamental premise of this study is that successful development and implementation of an American maglev system will require the identification of the relevant development risks and the marshalling of appropriate testing and integration facilities to mitigate those development risks. Further, to obtain the technical data required to analyze and evaluate both electromagnetic and electrodynamic levitation and guidance systems, the development and construction of multiple levels of test facilities may be necessary, considering that: in the system concept design phase and technology assessment, laboratory-scale experimentation devices may be needed to establish proof-of-principle of a particular technology and to verify analytical findings; during the detailed design phase, the use of sub-scale or full-sized vehicle model and guideway component configurations may be needed to add confidence to the selection of a system configuration and to confirm the designs prior to making the significant investment in a full-scale prototype and with its associated testing facilities; and in the prototype development phase, and even beyond, a full-scale test facility (or national test bed) may be required to ensure that all the associated subsystems are properly integrated and that the system functions in accordance with the pre-established performance parameters and operational safety requirements. Based on this premise, this study was directed toward the identification and characterization of maglev system development risks tied to a preliminary system architecture, the definition of preliminary test planning and a recommendation for a system development flow and associated testing facility strategies. In addition, recommendations have been included for future activities that would augment this study and assist in the development of an American maglev system.