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Preliminary Design Guidelines for Noise Control on High Speed Maglev Trains

  • 01
  • Oct
  • 1992
AUTHOR: Carl Hanson, Phillip Abbot, Ira Dyer
KEYWORDS: Environmental Guidelines, Noise Assessment, Guideway Design
ABSTRACT: This report builds on the first two reports of this series and provides preliminary guidelines on the prediction, assessment and mitigation of noise from maglev systems. The first report identifies noise sources from high speed maglev operations and recommends further research to help determine the unknowns. The second report reviews existing criteria and proposes noise criteria tailored to the expected community reaction to a new noise source with the characteristics of high speed maglev. This third report provides noise and vibration guidelines for assessment and design for this new technology. Because the technology has only recently been developed, research on maglev noise source mechanisms is in its infancy. Plans are being made for the introduction of demonstration systems, but how these systems will fit into the existing transportation network of the United States is largely unknown. If such a system is to be used at its full potential it will serve city pairs with fast and frequent service from convenient terminals near population centers. Siting a new transportation corridor may be very difficult given environmental and cost constraints. Mature or unused existing transportation corridors are therefore being considered for alignments of maglev systems. These corridors typically pass through suburban and urban areas in close proximity to residential buildings and other noise sensitive sites. Consequently, mitigation of adverse noise effects must be taken into consideration at the outset, and mitigation measures should be designed into the new systems. Research on maglev is still in its early stages and just as in its other developmental areas, noise control will be a part of the design and development process. This report provides information on the likely noise effects of the introduction of a new maglev system and provides preliminary guidelines for the application of noise control treatments.
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