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System Concept Definition Report for the National Maglev Initiative: Volume 5

  • 30
  • Sep
  • 1992
AUTHOR: Magneplane Interational, Inc.
KEYWORDS: Environmental Report, Test Plan, Safety Plan, Life Cycle Cost Report
ABSTRACT: Existing transportation technology is nearing saturation and cannot meet projected demands. Airlines have saturated the airspace at major hubs. Automobiles will require 40-lane interstate highways in a decade. Railroads, whether wheelbome or maglevitated, can handle about half as many passengers as one single highway lane; the faster they go, the less their capacity, and the less often they can stop. Radically new technology is needed. The next revolution in transportation technology has begun, and will become the largest technology venture for several decades. Our economic security requires that we play a leading role in this venture, world-wide. Magneplane International is designing the only transportation system proposed thus far that can meet projected demands, and help solve the problems of existing technology: congestion, pollution, environmental destruction, dependence on foreign oil, and unnecessary loss of lives. Magneplane therefore offers the only technology which can restore US leadership in transportation. Magneplane’s objective is not only to replace short-haul airlines, but primarily to reduce highway traffic, which carries more than 90 percent of passengers and freight along most corridors. This means providing a cost-effective, attractive alternative that people will actually use instead of their cars. If the automobile is partially displaced by a faster, safer, cheaper means for travelling and commuting, driving will be fun again, and we can better protect our health and environment. Magneplane systems will permit measures like the establishment of green-belt zones to revitalize urban centers by reduced congestion, frustration and lost productivity. Magneplane technology will also enable the United States to develop world leadership in high-speed ground transportation, thereby restoring our balance of trade, our industry, and our jobs.
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