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Test Plan for X2000 Evaluation

  • 28
  • Sep
  • 1992
SUBJECT: Evaluation
KEYWORDS: High Speed Stability Tests, Cant Deficiency, Simulations
ABSTRACT: [From the Overview] The evaluation program for the X2000 trainset, as currently planned, involves a series of different technical tests to be followed by one or more simulated or demonstration revenue service operations. Each test in sequence is dependent upon successful completion and analysis of performance from previous tests. The overall test sequence will be as follows: 1- Commissioning- to confirm operational readiness; 2- Cant Deficiency- to establish safe curving limits; 3- High Speed Stability- to establish maximum safe speed; 4- Pre-Revenue Test Runs- to demonstrate the safety of the intended revenue service operation. A test report, documenting the procedures, events and results from the overall test program, will be used to support AMTRAK's request for FRA approval for demonstration in revenue service. Current plans for revenue service type operations include approximately four months of limited revenue service between Washington, DC and New Haven (or New York City), and New York City (or New Haven) to Boston.