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Final Report on Magnetic and Electric Field Testing of the Amtrak and Metro North Northeast Corridor and New Jersey Transit North Jersey Coast Line Rail Systems: Volume I - Anaysis

  • 01
  • Jan
  • 1993
AUTHOR: Electric Research and Management, Inc.
KEYWORDS: Railroad Technology, NEC, Electrification
ABSTRACT: This report documents the low frequency electric and magnetic fields associated with the operation of the AMTRAK and Metro North Northeast Corridor (NEC) rail system. The study and data analysis was complicated by the existence of three different rail technologies along the existing route. The section of the NEC between Washington, DC and New York City is electrically powered by a 25 Hz ("Hz" is defined as cycles per second) catenary system. The section between New York City and New Haven, CT is electrically powered by a 60 Hz catenary system. At present the section between New Haven and Boston still operates under diesel power. A fourth technology in service was measured under the assumption that it might be representative of the technology which will replace the non-electrified section in the near future. Figure 1-1 shows the general location of the routes along which the measurements were made.
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