Technical Reports

Locomotive Control Compartment Safety Program: Locomotive Heavy Axle Load Tests

  • 01
  • Jun
  • 1993
AUTHOR: Nicholas G. Wilson
KEYWORDS: Safety Performance, NUCARS, Vehicle Dynamics, AAR Chapter XI Tests
ABSTRACT: The Federal Railroad Administration sponsored a program to evaluate the wheel on rail dynamic safety performance of locomotives with increased cab weight at the Transportation Test Center, Pueblo, Colorado. The increased weight represents the weight of a cab reinforced to protect the occupants in the case of an accident. The program consisted of on-track tests to evaluate the safety performance, and assembly and validation of a mathematical model of die locomotive to be used to extend the scope of the track tests. Tests were performed to measure the suspension characteristics of a locomotive. This data was used as input to a mathematical model that could be used to simulate the locomotive under a wide range of track conditions. The model was verified by comparison with the results of the on-track tests. On-track tests subjected the locomotive to normal and increased weight configurations in most of the AAR Chapter XI dynamic performance tests. The results of these tests were used to evaluate the safety performance of the increased weight locomotive. Test results showed that the increased weight caused no noticeable change in the dynamic safety performance of the locomotive. The comparisons of the test results with the model predictions indicated a need to improve the model in one area before it would be completely verified. The model did however confirm that the performance of the locomotive is unaffected by the increased cab weight When the model is completely verified, it can be used to evaluate locomotive performance for a wide range of cab weight configurations and different track conditions.