Technical Reports

Noise from High Speed Maglev Systems

  • 01
  • Jan
  • 1993
AUTHOR: Carl E. Hanson, Philip Abbot, Ira Dyer
KEYWORDS: Aeroacoustics, Noise Criteria, Noise Testing Facility, Noise Sources, Maglev Design Guidelines, High Speed Rail Noise, Environmental Noise
ABSTRACT: Noise levels from magnetically-levitated trains (maglev) at very high speed may be high enough to cause environmental noise impact in residential areas. Aeroacoustic sources dominate the sound at high speeds and guideway vibrations generate noticeable sound at low speed. In addition, to high noise levels, the startle effect as a result of sudden onset of sound from a rapidly moving nearby maglev vehicle may lead to increased annoyance to neighbors of a maglev system. This report provides a base for determining the noise consequences and potential mitigation for a high speed maglev system in populated areas of the United States. Four areas are included in the study: (1) definition of noise sources; (2) development of noise criteria; (3) development of design guidelines; and (4) recommendations for a noise testing facility.