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Preliminary Program Workshop on Safety Research Related to High-Speed Rail and Maglev Passenger Systems

  • 28
  • Oct
  • 1993
AUTHOR: Federal Railroad Administration
KEYWORDS: Railroad Technology, Passenger Rail, R&D
ABSTRACT: In many areas of the country, potential U.S. applications for high-speed rail and maglev technologies are being considered. The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) of the U.S. Department of Transportation has statutory responsibility to assure the safe operations of intercity high-speed rail and maglev passenger systems, but its existing regulations govern only conventional systems and do not address many unique features of the more advanced technologies. In April 1991, TRB and FRA jointly sponsored a workshop to identify safety factors related to high-speed rail and maglev that required additional research prior to FRA’s development of safety regulations for these new technologies. The research needs identified at this workshop became input for FRA’s safety research program. On October 18-20, 1993, TRB and FRA will co-sponsor a second workshop to provide updates on FRA’s recently completed and in-progress research on safety aspects of high-speed rail and maglev passenger systems. The workshop format will provide an opportunity for participants to critique completed and ongoing research, to identify gaps in the research, and to suggest priorities for future research efforts. Workshop discussion groups will focus on the following topics: generic high-speed guided ground transportation safety issues; electromagnetic field effects; power and braking systems; control systems; and structural and mechanical systems. Workshop attendees will include federal, state, and local government officials, academicians, consultants, rail labor organizations, and equipment suppliers.