Technical Reports

Tank Car Manufacturing/Repair/Retest Facility Evaluation Form

  • 01
  • Aug
  • 1993
AUTHOR: Milton R. Johnson
SUBJECT: Evaluation
KEYWORDS: Inspector, Guidelines, Nondestructive Inspection
ABSTRACT: An evaluation form has been developed to aid Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) inspectors in recording data when examining tank car manufacturing and repair facilities, when inspecting newly constructed cars, or when examining cars which have been repaired or retested. Instructions and background information for entering data on the form are provided along with a copy of the evaluation form. The intent of the evaluation form is to emphasize those items which are covered by regulations given in the Code of Federal Regulations since the principal role of the FRA inspector would be to determine whether or not these requirements have been satisfied. The major sections of the evaluation form include information about: the inspector, the manufacturing, repair or retest facility, the characteristics of a particular tank car, the details of a tank car repair, alteration or conversion, the items to check on a newly manufactured car, and the tank car markings. A database system for recording and storing the information entered on evaluation forms also has been developed. It is based on the Paradox database software, Version 4.0. The use of the database program is described and a hypothetical example is described.