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EMI Testing of a High Speed Trainset: German Intercity Express (ICE)

  • 01
  • Jun
  • 1994
AUTHOR: Robert F. Gray, Leedy G. Ambrose
SUBJECT: Evaluation
KEYWORDS: Northeast Corridor, Signaling, Power Distribution
ABSTRACT: [From the Introduction] A series of tests were performed to investigate the potential for electromagnetic interference (EMI) from the operation of the German Inter-City Express (ICE), a high speed trainset, on the North-East Corridor (NEC). The primary objective of the testing and analysis effort was to determine if operation of the trainset would interfere with the railroad signaling system. Testing was also performed to determine the inductive EMI levels (rail-to- rail) from the ICE. The purpose of this paper is to document the testing and analysis procedures used and to describe the lessons learned from the effort. A brief overview of the railroad signaling system and power distribution method is followed by a description of the tests performed on the trainset. The data are then analyzed to determine the potential of interference in the cab signaling system. The results of the inductive EMI testing at the rail wayside are also provided. Lessons learned from the conduct of these tests are then provided.