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A World of Change, Volume 1: FAST/HAL Test Summaries

  • 06
  • Nov
  • 1995
AUTHOR: Association of American Railroads
SUBJECT: Facilities & Test Equipment
KEYWORDS: Rail Wear, Rail Grinding, Tie and Fastener Performance, Ballast, Load Path Evaluation
ABSTRACT: [From the Foreword] Welcome to A World of Change: 1st Annual AAR Research Review, November 6-9, 1995. Our four-day event focuses on four aspects of the activities carried out by the Association of American Railroads' Research and Test Department at the Transportation Technology Center (TTC), in Pueblo, Colorado. This two volume set, FAST/HAL Test Summaries and AAR Research Review, serves as a written record of our formal discussions during the event. We hope it continues to serve your reference needs for many months to come.
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