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Investigation of the Deleterious Effects of Electro-Magnetic Fields on Steel Rebar Used in Guideways for EDS Maglev Systems: Volume I, Summary

  • 27
  • Jan
  • 1995
AUTHOR: Richard D. Thornton
KEYWORDS: Magnetic Field Analysis, Literature Review, Design Guidelines
ABSTRACT: [From the Introduction] This report summarizes work done on an FRA contract to study the important interactions of magnetic fields with rebars. The work was done as 5 distinct tasks: Task 1 — Perform Magnetic Field Analysis; Task 2 — Conduct Literature Search; Task 3 — Characterize Interactions/Effects With Steel Re-Bar; Task 4 — Develop Design Guidelines; Task 5 — Define Test Procedures. This report is organized as 2 reports. Volume 1 is a summary of the conclusions from the entire project and Volume 2 is a collection of detailed reports on the individual subtasks. The literature search uncovered a number of important references relative to each of the other tasks, so the results of Task 2 are included as part of the results of the other tasks. There are 4 sections in this resort corresponding to Tasks 1,3,4 and 5 and a fifth section that is a very short summary of the major findings of the study.
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