Technical Reports

Modeling and Simulation of a Superconducting EMS-Type Maglev Vehicle/Guideway System

  • 01
  • Nov
  • 1995
AUTHOR: Mark L. Nagurka, Ssu-Kuei Wang
KEYWORDS: Vehicle/Guideway Interaction, Vehicle Dynamics, Maglev Control, Preview Control
ABSTRACT: Computer simulation models are developed for predicting the dynamic performance of a magnetically levitated (maglev) vehicle with a superconducting (SC) electromagnetic suspension (EMS) traversing a flexible, multiple span, elevated guideway. A single Degree Of Freedom (DOF) vehicle model incorporating model SC magnet dynamics as well as a five DOF vehicle model are developed. The SC magnets are controlled via Linear Quadratic (LQ) optimal control augmented with integral action. Vehicle disturbances include crosswind gusts as well as guideway deflections due to span compliance, step, ramp, camber, and versine irregularities, and random roughness. A first simulation study tests LQ optimal preview control on the single DOF maglev vehicle operating on a rigid guideway. The results show that the controller regulates the air gap to a nominal value, achieves zero steady-state gap error due to a step disturbance, and offers improved performance relative to an optimal controller without preview. A second simulation study applies LQ optimal control to the five DOF maglev vehicle model negotiating a multi-span flexible guideway. The results suggest that requirements on the air gap safety margin, control voltage limit, and ride quality can be satisfied for the cases studied.