Reports to Congress

Locomotive Crashworthiness and Cab Working Conditions

  • 01
  • Sep
  • 1996
SUBJECT: Crashworthiness - Tank Car
KEYWORDS: Railroad Employees, Safety Measures, Cost/Benefit Analysis
ABSTRACT: The Rail Safety Enforcement and Review Act (RSERA) mandated that the Secretary of Transportation conduct a proceeding to determine the need for action on locomotive crashworthiness and cab working conditions. This mandate followed frequent expressions of concern by employee organizations, congressional members, and recommendations of the National Transportation Safety Board. The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) convened public conferences and listening sessions, surveyed actual working conditions through field observations on a significant number of locomotive assignments, conducted research and analysis, and developed engineering concepts for further consideration and refinement. As a result of these efforts, FRA finds that, while locomotive cab crashworthiness has been significantly improved through the adoption of new industry standards, additional improvements in crew protection can be realized—and must be pursued. Implementation of selected measures including, but not limited to stronger collision posts, full height comer posts, creation of a crash refuge, and improved fuel tank design appear to be feasible options for future engineering improvements.
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