Technical Reports

Automated Measurements of Lateral Track Panel Strength and Examinations of Track Maintenance Effects Using AAR's Track Loading Vehicle

  • 01
  • May
  • 1999
AUTHOR: Dingqing Li, William Shust
KEYWORDS: Track Strength Inspection, Stationary and In-Motion Tests, Train Slow-Orders
ABSTRACT: This report summarizes test results and findings under the project "TLV Track Panel Shift and Lateral Track Strength Tests." The project was jointly funded by AAR and FRA. These tests were performed primarily off-site on Norfolk Southern revenue tracks, but a significant portion of tests was conducted on TTC's test tracks. The study was conducted to complement previous testing done by AAR for developing a prototype technique for automated track strength measurement and for studying the effects of track maintenance operations. Major results from this study included (1) the successful development and demonstration of a prototype TLV technique for automated lateral track strength measurements, (2) quantitative examination of the effects on lateral strength of wood tie tracks of surfacing and tamping, dynamic ballast stabilization and accumulative traffic, and (3) survey of Class 1 railroad slow orders and quantitative comparisons with TLV track strength test results.
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