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Demonstration of High Speed Track Maintenance Using Objective Gage Strength Data

  • 16
  • Feb
  • 1999
AUTHOR: ZETA-TECH Associates, Inc.
KEYWORDS: GRMS, Track Strength Quality Indices, Loaded Gage
ABSTRACT: This report presents the results of the FRA sponsored project “Demonstration of High Speed Track Maintenance Using Objective Gage Strength Data”. This activity, which is part of the FRA’s Next Generation High Speed Rail Program, is aimed at the development of “maintenance” criteria for track strength and associated crosstie replacement requirements for both conventional and high speed railroad track. These criteria, in turn, are based on the use of objective track strength measurement data such as taken from GRMS type inspection vehicles.. As part of this maintenance criteria development, an assessment of the “minimum” level of upgrade necessary to allow for the operation of both conventional freight and high speed passenger trains on existing tracks is also made. This activity included the definition of suitable track strength maintenance criteria for existing wood tie track (to support both freight train operations and high speed passenger operations) and the determination of the relationship between these criteria and the rate of degradation (and maintenance) of the track strength.