Technical Reports

Vehicle/Track Interaction Tests on Heavy Tonnage Loop

  • 01
  • Jul
  • 1999
AUTHOR: Dingqing Li, Lamont Smith
SUBJECT: Track/Train Interactions
KEYWORDS: Heavy Axle Load, HAL, Vehicles Responses, Track Geometry Conditions
ABSTRACT: Two vehicle/track interaction tests were conducted by Transportation Technology Center, Inc. (TTCI) at the Facility for Accelerated Service Testing (FAST), Pueblo, Colorado. TTCI, a subsidiary of the Association of American Railroads (AAR), performed the tests on FAST's Heavy Tonnage Loop (HTL) in late January and early June 1998 as part of the FAST/HAL (Heavy Axle Load) program. The overall objectives of the tests included: Measuring 125-ton (FIAL) vehicle responses to HTL track geometry conditions; Comparing vehicle responses between a 125-ton vehicle equipped with improved suspension trucks and a 100-ton vehicle equipped with standard suspension trucks; Supporting other FAST/HAL programs. These tests included measurements of vehicle responses such as dynamic wheel loads and car body accelerations. The test vehicles were a 125-ton gondola equipped with improved suspension trucks and a 100-ton covered hopper equipped with standard trucks. Track geometry conditions were recorded using two different systems: the new AAR system based on the inertial/laser technology and the EM80 based on rail contacting measurements.