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Optimizing Train Performance through Advanced Planning and Integrated Data Recording Systems

  • 01
  • May
  • 2000
AUTHOR: Transportation Safety Research Alliance
SUBJECT: Signal and Train Control
KEYWORDS: Optimizing Traffic Planner, Central Traffic Control, Planning Engine
ABSTRACT: This Final Report to the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) presents an summary of the work conducted under FRA Grant, DTFRDV-99-G-60017, by Union Switch & Signal (US&S), a subcontractor of the Transportation Safety Research Alliance (TSRA), to develop an Optimizing Traffic Planner (OTP) for optimizing the movements of trains across railroad networks. The report summarizes the work done between June 1, 1999 and March 1, 2000 (time period covered by the Grant), describing the core planning engine component of the OTP system that was developed during that time period and prior to June 1, 1999.
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