Technical Reports

Locomotive Crashworthiness Impact Test No. 1: Test Procedures, Instrumentation and Data

  • 01
  • Sep
  • 2002
AUTHOR: Barrie Brickle, Russell Walker
SUBJECT: Crashworthiness - Tank Car
KEYWORDS: Hopper Cars, Impact Test, Angle of Attack
ABSTRACT: A full-scale locomotive impact test was performed August 1, 2002. The test involved a SD-45 locomotive, modified to meet AAR Specification S-580, and three trailing loaded hopper cars impacting a stationary consist of 35 loaded hopper cars at 32 mph. There was a large amount of damage to the pilot plate, snowplow, and coupler housing of the locomotive, which climbed up onto the leading hopper car and came to rest at an angle of about 7 degrees. The collision posts and cab of the locomotive were undamaged. The first stationary hopper car was completely destroyed with the sides peeled back by the impacting locomotive. The center sill of the hopper car immediately behind the locomotive was cracked and bent down at the end about 3 inches. The other hopper cars were undamaged and all remained upright.