Accident Investigations

HQ-2014-11 (Finalized)

  • 25
  • Sep
  • 2014
ACCIDENT TYPE: Side Collision (SDC)
RAILROAD: Union Pacific Railroad Company
SUBJECT: Accident Investigations, Hazardous Materials
KEYWORDS: Accident Investigations, Hazardous Materials
ABSTRACT: On September 25, 2014, at 5:42 a.m., CDT, eastbound Union Pacific Railroad (UP) Freight Train ILXG4X-22 (Train 1) was traveling at a recorded speed of 41 miles mph, with 112 loads and 0 empties, 6,197 tons, and 6,812 feet, when it struck the side of westbound UP Freight Train KG4GSX-23 (Train 2). The collision occurred at Milepost 207.67 on the Kansas City Service Unit, Herington Subdivision near Galva, Kansas. Freight Train KG4GSX-23 was entering a siding, but the rear of the train had not cleared the main track at the time of the collision. The two head-end locomotives, UP 8572 and UP 3904, and 11 multi-platform intermodal cars derailed from Freight Train ILXG4X-22. Seven multi-platform intermodal cars derailed from Freight Train KG4GSX-23. The crew of Freight Train ILXG4X-22 was not seriously injured in the accident, nor was there a fire. UP estimated approximately 200 gallons of diesel fuel leaked from the fuel tank of one of the derailed locomotives. Damages were reported as follows: $2,027,062 to Freight Train ILXG4X-22; $427,550 to Freight Train KG4GSX-23; and $1,211,915 to track, signal, and structure. Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) reportable damages totaled $3,666,527.