Accident Investigations

HQ-2014-8 (Finalized)

  • 03
  • Jul
  • 2014
LOCATION: Alberton, MT
RAILROAD: Montana Rail Link
SUBJECT: Accident Investigations, Hazardous Materials
KEYWORDS: Accident Investigations, Hazardous Materials
ABSTRACT: On July 3, 2014, at approximately 4:06 p.m. MDT, a westbound Montana Rail Link (MRL) freight train, H-KCKSPO1-28A, derailed 20 rail cars on single main track at MRL Milepost (MP) 164.4 between Alberton, Montana, and Superior, Montana. The derailment site is located on MRL’s 4th Subdivision and is approximately 30 miles west of Missoula, Montana, and 170 miles east of Spokane, Washington. The method of operation at the accident site is by signal indication of a traffic control system under the authority of the MRL train dispatcher in Missoula, Montana. The MRL train was delivered to MRL in Laurel, Montana, by the BNSF Railway (BNSF). Three MRL train crews operated the train over the MRL system from Laurel, Montana, through Missoula, Montana, for delivery to BNSF at Spokane, Washington. The MRL freight train consisted of three locomotives located on the head-end of the train. The train had 90 rail cars, 43 loads, 47 empties, and was 6,306 feet in total train length with 6,676 trailing tons.
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