Accident Investigations

HQ-2014-1015 (Finalized)

  • 13
  • Nov
  • 2014
LOCATION: Casselton, ND
RAILROAD: BNSF Railway Company
SUBJECT: Accident Investigations
KEYWORDS: Accident Investigations
ABSTRACT: On Thursday, November 13, 2014, at 5:35 p.m., (CST), eastbound BNSF Railway (BNSF) freight train H-PASBRC9-09A, consisting of two head end locomotives, 85 freight cars (61 loads and 24 empties) derailed 18 cars (consist positions 12 through 29) while traveling on Main Track Number Two (2), at a recorded speed of 30 mph. The derailment occurred approximately 25 miles west of Fargo, North Dakota (ND) at milepost 30.0 on the BNSF's KO Subdivision, of the Twin Cities Division just west of the town of Casselton. The derailment occurred near the head end of the train resulting in one of the cars, the 12th railcar (TILX 220143), which was in consist position 12, derailing in the foul of Main Track Number One (1).