Safety Advisories

Roadway Worker Authority Limits— Importance of Clear Communication, Compliance with Applicable Rules and Procedures, and Ensuring that Appropriate Safety Redundancies Are in Place in the Event of Miscommunication or Error; Correction

  • 01
  • Dec
  • 2014
SA NUMBER: 2014-02
SUBJECT: Safety Advisories
ABSTRACT: On November 25, 2014, FRA published a document in the Federal Register to reemphasize the importance of clear communication and compliance with applicable rules and procedures regarding roadway worker authority limits on controlled track, and to ensure that appropriate safety redundancies are in place to protect against miscommunication or error. The document contained an incorrect job designation (‘‘foreman’’ instead of ‘‘roadway worker in charge’’) for an employee in the first incident discussed in the safety advisory that resulted in an employee fatality, and an incorrect location (‘‘Danbury,’’ instead of ‘‘West Haven,’’ Connecticut) for the second incident that also resulted in an employee fatality. The safety advisory otherwise remains unchanged.
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