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Compliation of State Laws and Regulations Affecting Highway-Rail Grade Crossings: Second Edition

  • 31
  • Aug
  • 1995
AUTHOR: L. Stephen Jennings
SUBJECT: Highway-Rail Grade Crossings
KEYWORDS: Traffic Law, Rail Safety, Warning Devices
ABSTRACT: [From the Preface] The COMPILATION OF STATE LAWS AND REGULATIONS ON MATTERS AFFECTING HIGHWAY RAIL CROSSINGS, Third Edition makes a unique contribution to the highway-rail grade crossing safety literature. This book represents the third edition to the 1983 original publication although the title of the second editions has been changed from RAIL-HIGHWAY grade crossings to HIGHWAY RAIL grade crossings, the material covered is the same. The second edition, published in 1995 broadened the inquiry to include an examination of laws concerning trespassing on railroad facilities, vandalism, and the degree of local government control, if any, over private crossings. In this Third Edition, the parameters of the examination have been expanded even further to include two additional chapters covering timely issues concerning grade crossing safety: vegetation clearance and photographic enforcement. These additional chapters reflect the increased concern among government policy makers, railroads, and state and. regional transportation agencies regarding grade crossing safety as we usher in the era of the high-speed train. Also, in this edition, the Uniform Vehicle Code (UVC) has been added as an appendix to serve as an additional resource and a means of comparison. The Uniform Vehicle Code was first published in 1926 and designed as a specimen set of motor vehicle laws intended to be used as a model for states to adopt. It has been updated a number of times and continues to serve as a valuable framework for the development of state legislation.
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