Conference & Workshop

Railroad Safety Advisory Committee Meeting

  • 28
  • Apr
  • 2017
CONFERENCE NAME: Railroad Safety Advisory Committee Meeting
LOCATION: Washington, DC
KEYWORDS: RSAC, Railroad Safety Advisory Committee
ABSTRACT: FRA announces the fifty-seventh meeting of the RSAC, a Federal Advisory Committee (Committee) that develops recommendations on railroad safety regulations and other railroad safety issues through a consensus process. This meeting has been rescheduled from January 26, 2017, the previously announced date. The RSAC meeting topics will include opening remarks from the FRA Associate Administrator for Railroad Safety and Chief Safety Officer, as well as a status report from the Engineering Task Force. In addition, FRA will present to the Committee the consensus recommendations from the Hazardous Materials Working Group’s retrospective review of certain portions of the Hazardous Materials Regulations, with the intent of moving for a Committee vote to approve the same. This agenda is subject to change, including the possible addition of further proposed tasks.
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