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Appendix E Ridership and Revenue Forecasts and Operating and Maintenance Costs

  • 15
  • Jun
  • 2017
ABSTRACT: The information in this appendix includes the updated ridership analysis that was completed to forecast future ridership demands for the Chicago-Detroit/Pontiac Intercity Passenger Rail Corridor Program. The updated analysis was completed by the Program Team in 2014 to update preliminary demand forecasts for the 2025, 2035, 2045, and 2055 planning horizon years to identify the appropriate service scenario. The updated analysis is based on previous studies that were completed for the MWRRS Plan. To develop these forecasts the Program Team assembled data from existing sources to address the full range of route alternatives. Key issues considered by the Program Team included the geographic detail (e.g. analysis zones) needed to distinguish among alignment/station alternatives and the areas impacted by the proposed service. Key sources of travel data included data developed from previous studies, Amtrak ridership, FAA passenger data, other national data, the Volpe Center’s inter-regional auto trip model, and Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois statewide model data.