Technical Reports

Sled Tests Using the Hybrid III Rail Safety ATD and Workstation Tables for Passenger Trains

  • 08
  • Aug
  • 2017
AUTHOR: Federal Railroad Administration
SUBJECT: Occupant Protection
KEYWORDS: Hybrid III Rail Safety, H3-RS, anthropomorphic test device, ATD, workstation table, crashworthiness, occupant protection, collision protection, train accidents, crash test dummy
ABSTRACT: The Hybrid III Rail Safety (H3-RS) anthropomorphic test device (ATD) is a crash test dummy developed in the United Kingdom to evaluate abdomen and lower thorax injuries that occur when passengers impact workstation tables during train accidents. The H3-RS is similar to the standard Hybrid III 50th Percentile Male ATD used in car crash test regulations worldwide, but with a more humanlike abdomen response under table edge loading conditions and with additional instrumentation to evaluate injury risk at multiple bilateral locations on the abdomen and thorax.
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