Accident Investigations

HQ-2016-1116 (Finalized)

  • 07
  • Mar
  • 2016
ACCIDENT TYPE: Obstruction Collision (OBS)
RAILROAD: Union Pacific Railroad Company
SUBJECT: Accident Investigations
KEYWORDS: Accident Investigations, Obstruction. Altamont Commuter Express (ACE),
ABSTRACT: Accident Investigation Report for an eastbound Altamont Commuter Express (ACE) Passenger Train No. 10 (ACE Train No. 10), operated by Herzog Transit Services, Inc. (HTSI) on a single main track and operating cab car-forward with four additional passenger cars and a trailing locomotive, derailed the leading two cars after hitting a mudslide and a downed tree fouling the tracks on March 7, 2016, at 7:20 p.m., PST.
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