Research Results

Human performance and safety in highway, traffic, and ITS systems

  • 01
  • Jul
  • 1995
AUTHOR: Transportation Research Board National Research Council
SUBJECT: Safety Regulatory Analysis, Safety Performance Measures
KEYWORDS: safety, ITS, research, highway, traffic
ABSTRACT: The papers in this volume are evidence of the breadth of safety interests and research on highway and traffic systems. Advanced technology, particularly the role of humans in new ITS systems, roadway design and features, and more effective use of traffic research are paving the way to safer highway transportation. to continually improve the safety record of a system that marked its 3 millionth fatality in 1995, appears to be an unending task. As vehicles, amount of traffic and travel, roadway complexity, and changes in the driving population influence safety, research such as presented in this Record is conducted to understand system changes, create improved systems and countermeasures, and evaluate performance. The reviewed papers presented are intended to provide information needed in the quest for a safer highway transportation system.
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