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Amtrak Performance Tracking (APT) System

  • 15
  • Sep
  • 2017
KEYWORDS: Amtrak, Amtrak Performance Tracking, APT, cost accounting, cost allocation, Federal Railroad Administration, fully allocated costs, National Railroad Passenger Corporation, passenger rail, railroad
ABSTRACT: The Volpe Center collaborated with Amtrak and the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) to develop a cost accounting system named Amtrak Performance Tracking (APT) used by Amtrak to manage, allocate, and report its costs. APT’s initial development was detailed in a 2009 FRA Report to Congress and again in a 2016 update. This report is a summary of the APT methodology and implementation providing an introduction to new stakeholders. The report describes APT’s purpose, input data, allocation methodology, uses, and stakeholders. For a full discussion of APT, see the April 2016 Update on the Methodology for Amtrak Cost Accounting Amtrak Performance Tracking (APT).