Technical Reports

Abdomen Impact Testing of the Hybrid III Rail Safety (H3-RS) Anthropomorphic Test Device

  • 26
  • Sep
  • 2017
AUTHOR: Federal Railroad Administration
SUBJECT: Occupant Protection
KEYWORDS: Hybrid III Rail Safety, H3-RS, Anthropomorphic Test Device, ATD, workstation table, abdomen, biofidelity
ABSTRACT: The Hybrid III Rail Safety (H3-RS) anthropomorphic test device (ATD) is a crash test dummy that was developed in the UK to evaluate abdomen and lower thorax injuries that occur when passengers impact workstation tables during train accidents. The H3-RS is similar to the standard Hybrid III 50th percentile male ATD used in car crash test regulations worldwide, but with a more humanlike abdomen response under table-edge loading conditions and with additional instrumentation to evaluate injury risk at multiple bilateral locations. The objectives of this study were to evaluate the accuracy of the current H3-RS abdomen deflection transducers, to evaluate the biofidelity of three abdomen bag designs, to evaluate test repeatability, and to evaluate sensitivity to variations in impact location, and impactor geometry, mass, and velocity. The ATD was tested using an eight-wire pendulum impactor with various impactor faces and masses defined in biofidelity requirements and developed specifically for this study. The biofidelity of the H3-RS was good. Repeatability and sensitivity were appropriate. Recommendations resulting from this study include investigating further the performance of the lower abdomen deflection transducers and, if necessary, specifying a more robust alternative transducer.